Mandala Colouring

Mandala Colouring

Are you looking for a fun creative way to relax and unwind? Have you ever considered doing some colouring in? Most mums will sit down and colour with their children at some point and realise that it’s fun and relaxing. You’re never too old for colouring.

You’ve probably read about mindfulness and how it can help ease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Colouring is a therapeutic activity which allows you to bring mindfulness into your life on a daily basis in a fun and meditative way.

Mandalas are spiritual symbols which originated in India, they are usually in a square or circle and contain repeated patterns. If you are colouring an intricate mandala, you will need to stay present and focus on what you are doing. In the beginning, you may feel that your mind is busy chattering away but it will soon settle down allowing you to experience a state of flow and be more creative. To colour in a mandala you will need to use both logic and creativity; in this way both sides of the brain are being activated. This helps to improve coordination, fine tune motor skills and control vision.

Just ten to fifteen minutes of colouring a day has an effect on overall wellbeing. For people who find meditation difficult, maybe due to restlessness or a busy mind colouring is a great alternative. Research has shown that colouring has the same impact on the brain as meditation. It allows you to take time out of your busy life and focus on the present moment. We are all sometimes guilty of getting caught up in work and home life or other people’s dramas. Having a regular colouring meditation helps to calm the mind, lower blood pressure and de stress.

Another benefit of colouring is that you will end up with a pretty picture which you can frame and put on your wall.

Happy Colouring!