Photo Collage

David Hockney created joiner collages as a way to make an image from many photos. I think Hockney has produced interesting pieces of art which are very different to conventional photography and have a surreal quality. Traditionally photography captures a single moment in time. Hockney’s images capture a series of hundreds of moments which are then arranged to create a single image.


Pearl Blossom Highway By David Hockney

Hockney has famously stated that “photography will never equal painting” but has come up with his own way of drawing with a camera which is both unique and eye catching. I think painting is more personal, it’s the artist’s interpretation of a scene and has more to do with how they are feeling at the time then what is actually there. Hockney has managed to combine elements from both photography and painting to create a new style.

Hockney created these images in the 80’s before the invention of digital cameras. I think this makes them even more interesting. He had to imagine which images he needed for the final piece as they couldn’t be viewed before printing.

After looking at David Hockney’s photo collages last year, I created a similar image myself. I used a digital camera to take random photos and put them together in photoshop. Here is the result. Photos are taken on the Scilly Isles.


Isle of Scilly by Abi Latham Designs