lady gaga

The Lady with the Watch– End of year project for Leith School of Art painting course

I enjoy drawing the folds in fabric and my painting has been inspired by looking at circus and theatre costumes. Painted with acrylic paint on card.

Painting from Life models- Painted with acrylic on card.

Bakery Still Life – Painted in oil on paper

Bamboo Collection- Mixed Media

I did these paintings of a motivational story about Chinese bamboo. It’s about following your dreams. I’ve used paper mache and pencil sharpenings to create texture on the paintings.
The Chinese bamboo spends five years putting down roots before it even starts growing. The farmer has to believe in his dream of growing bamboo even though there’s no evidence that it’s working. Everyone laughs at the farmer and thinks that he’s doing nothing. He wants to give up but carries on watering the bamboo. After five years of nothing the bamboo suddenly grows fast and reaches 25 meters tall. Keep following your dreams!!!! xxx